Special Series – Platforms of Evil Part 3

The biggest trading platform in the world is a hub for criminals and everybody in the industry knows that. Why isn’t anything being done?

Our second installment of our ‘Platforms of Evil’ series, will focus on perhaps the biggest trading platform in the world – Panda Trading Systems (referred to from this point onwards simply as Panda). The Israeli company operates from the beautiful northern city of Haifa and is owned and operated by Maor Lahav. The company became the face of online trading, it advertises everywhere – I for one get their advertisements several times a day – appearing as a legitimate enterprise. But the – not so hidden – truth paints a very different picture.

Maor Lahav, owner, COO and ‘the face’ of Panda Trading Systems

Maor Lahav, owner, COO and ‘the face’ of Panda Trading Systems
In order to maintain a clean and safe environment for investors, there are certain rules and regulations set in place. Regulations that are kept meticulously in order to assure that unsavory characters do not partake in the industry, that frauds are not being committed and that national regulations (for instance the USA prohibits its citizens from investing or trading in Binary Options) that must be kept. Panda, as our research showed, break them all in the hopes of making a bigger profit. But unlike others, they do more than that, much more.

Panda’s biggest crime is allowing sites that were shot down under suspicion of fraud to be re-opened, using the same fraudulent code and run by the same people, under various names and brands. This way the criminals can go on committing crime uninterrupted leaving the investors completely defenseless. Because even if an informed investor knows of certain brands or individuals he must avoid, he will never know of the different white-label brands operated by the same people, which are marketed to him on the platform as completely different brands. How could they? The only ones who know about it are Panda systems and the criminals they profit of, right? Well here is where the story gets even stickier.

Panada Official Website – Finleaks

Unlike their competitors’, Panda’s actions, although not openly celebrated, are a well-known industry secret for years. Not only do the criminals know that they can turn to Panda whenever their sites are shut down by authorities for committing frauds but often they are actively contacted by members of Panda management shortly after being shut down, with offers to continue running their fraudulent schemes. This means that unlike Airsoft (which we covered in the first installment of this series) who merely facilitate the crimes, Panda serves as an accomplice to the crime.

Panda also allows USA citizens to open trading brands on its platform – quietly yet aggressively defying US laws, and allow brands operating from their platforms to market to USA citizens. They are known to be the only ones in the industry doing so on grand scales. When a company wants to open a trading brand aimed at the US market, they know that if they pay additional ‘fees’ to Panda, the “clean” platform will allow them to bypass the American laws knowingly. This, again, places Panda as the accomplice, because it does not only facilitate the crimes committed, but it instructs the criminals how to do it and devises and offers ways through which the criminals can violate the law. They are not only looking the other way, but they are indeed criminals.

Ilan Tzorya – Finleaks

Ilan Tzorya: “They (are ) willing to accept criminals and fraudsters”
And the worst part? EVERYBODY in the industry knows. Executives and criminals alike are fully aware of the ways through which Panda operates, as can be seen in these words from notorious international scammer Ilan Tzorya. When asked about Panda in an interview, Tzorya smiled and said:

“Panda … they (are) running for money and willing to accept criminals and fraudsters as their clients. As well they are the only company that accepts clients who accept USA citizen and other forbidden countries”

As explained by Tzorya, the criminals are being contacted directly by Panda CEO Maor Lahav, who offers them ways to bypass the law.

If they are operating in broad day light, and their accessory to the crimes being committed through their platform, by whoever is willing to pay them the right kind of money, is a known industry secret – why isn’t anybody doing anything about it? The simple truth is they have become such a big player that the internal regulatory systems set in place by the industry are just too scared to deal with them. But the authorities? Being a law abiding citizen I imagine the only reason the police have yet to intervene with Panda’s criminal enterprise is because they – like I and my team were until recently – are simply unaware of the crimes being committed by Panda.

This is where we come in. We have hundreds of documents, recorded testimonies and other evidence supporting the accusations made in this piece. We call on ALL law enforcement agencies to contact us and we will be more than happy to share the information we have and assist any investigation into the darkness that is Panda Trading Systems.

To our readers, we urge you to avoid investing through any brand that is run on the Panda platform until things are resolved and clients can be reassured that the brands are not merely a white-label hiding fraudulent suspended brands run by criminals.

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